Treadstone Energy Partners Connects SCADA Measurement Using Total Asset Manager™

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Treadstone Energy Partners
“After talking with Jeff and the team at TSS we determined that they could provide us with a solution that was flexible and efficient to bridge the gap from our automation solution to an engineered solution.”
William West, Vice President - Operations at Treadstone

Executive Summary

Primarily focused in the Mid-Continent Region and Texas, Treadstone Energy Partners acquired a large field from a larger operator that utilized SCADA measurement for tanks and meters. The challenge was to translate the electronic SCADA readings (which occurred constantly throughout the day) into a back-office system that could execute the challenges of production management: allocations, sales statements, regulatory, and other requirements. They selected Total Asset Manager™ (TAM) as their operations platform—due in large part for its ability to automate data import—but also because it provides AFE, drilling and wellwork management as part of its integrated system.

The Challenges

The challenge was to ensure proper state reporting was completed on schedule, all within a month’s time. This required connecting SCADA readings from XPOC (a comprehensive SCADA solution by Dover) for use in TAM for production accounting and operations.

The Solution

Total Stream Systems (TSS) imported key metrics for production to position the data for import. TSS developers then worked directly with the XPOC team to ensure proper access to readings for all oil meters and tanks, water meters, and gas meters. They also made sure casing and tubing pressure readings could be easily obtained through a direct SQL to SQL connection.

A single reading for tank levels was configured to occur at midnight on each tank for a daily inventory, while summary gas and water meter readings were provided each day for a daily production value. Run tickets were also picked up from the SCADA system for sales reconciliation processes to happen easily for end of month allocations and state reporting purposes.

The combined effort of Treadstone, XPOC, and TSS teams resulted in the successful creation of a true digital oilfield data flow for Treadstone at a reasonable cost.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Treadstone now has a seamless operations platform to handle production requirements, AFE management, drilling and completion workflows, and more. The operational platform that TAM provides gives them the ability to continue growth with comprehensive reporting to all management, partners, and regulatory—all with precise data from their wells for both production and costs.

West went on to say:

“The team at Total Stream Systems has always executed promptly on the requirements to bridge Total Asset Manager™ 6.2 and XPOC (Scada System) completing the implementation and custom coding within a month. They have since provided reliable and responsive service to ongoing requests from Treadstone. TSS has been a great value for Treadstone. Being a small operator we could not afford nor support a ‘big company’ solution, but with TSS we have been able to reduce the amount of time wasted in gathering data to where we have been able to spend more time working on solutions.”
William West, Vice President - Operations at Treadstone