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Oil Field Data Capture That’s Versatile

Oil field data capture devices

Total Asset Managerâ„¢ Daily Gauge Sheet System

TAM Gauge Sheet System (DGSS) provides an automated system for oil field data capture. Pumpers report well statistics back to their office with daily entries into the database. Best of all, this system can be used on any device equipped with Microsoft Excel.

Our software generates and sends scheduled emails containing a gauge sheet to the designated recipients. The field personnel enter their data and email it back. DGSS receives the email, imports data to your production system, sends exception notices, and generates reports back to the pumper.

Your main office updates routes, pumpers, and well or lease data groups as needed. Administrative control of email distribution and notification settings is made simple.

  • Spreadsheet-formatted
  • Offline entry and viewing
  • Simple submission via email
  • Easily add new wells, meters, and tanks mid-month to the spreadsheet
  • Multiple meter types for multiple product types, tank inventory, and run tickets all on the same easy-to-use spreadsheet for each well or facility.
  • Usable via any device that handles MS Excel spreadsheets.
  • Pumper-specific or route-based MS Excel files
  • Data integrity, with locked header data
  • Reduce or eliminate hand-written tickets attempted to be read by office staff
  • Manage downtime from the same spreadsheet
  • New spreadsheet files automatically generated and emailed to the pumper on a set schedule
  • Record all your data easily in the same workbook for: gas, oil, water, meter readings, tank inventory, tank runs, chemicals, dehy, pressures, and much more!
  • Easily readable, typed text Selectable drop-down menus for tank numbers and dates
  • Full 1-month view in the field
  • Month view of tank inventory
  • Daily and monthly totals for gas production, oil production, oil sold, water production and water drawn in the same easy-to-use MS Excel spreadsheet

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