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Oil and Gas Equipment Management Software

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Locate, Track, Maintain, Transfer, Buy, Sell, and more

Equipment is obviously a very substantial investment for any oil and gas company. Unsurprisingly, utilizing oil and gas equipment management software is vital to preserving those investments and avoiding unnecessary purchases. Everything a company owns (from inventory yards, pipelines and wells, to even office equipment and vehicles) is valuable and requires some form of maintenance and management. The ability of TAM Equipment to configure any type of asset enables you to handle your equipment in a manner that suits your needs.

Total Asset Manager™ Equipment is built to handle both large and small oil company inventories. Configure your inventory items in our integrated application, and TAM Equipment will track the location, status, and required maintenance for each item. Make sure you get the most out of your investments.

A Flexible Interface Packed with Features

Oil and gas equipment management software interface

Information you need,
in the format you need it.

View inventory either by inventory type, or both quantified and serialized equipment by location. Open inventory based on location, or by inventory type. You can create a purchase, transfer, adjustment in quantity, or a condition change from the interface. Multiple reports can be generated within the system that display the inventory transactions and current inventory. Reports are easily configured to filter by area, district, county, and state.

  • Track and keep records of every equipment item at every asset location
  • Locate, purchase, transfer and sell by well, inventory yard, lease and more
  • Access all equipment options from single click
  • Easy adjustment of transactions
  • District-defined permissions
  • Lock-down on transactions of completed month’s inventory
  • Field-accessible inventory
  • Inventory viewable on mobile or desktop devices (phone, tablet, etc)
  • Specify condition, costs, required maintenance, or any other desired information
  • Quantified and serialized
  • Report tracking transactions and inventory selected quickly by your definitions
  • Import and export to other systems, as well as integrate with all TAM modules

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