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Because of its integration with your other oil and gas applications, Total Asset Manager™ Drilling & Wellwork offers much more beyond drilling software. TAM Drilling & Wellwork collects daily information directly from the field and updates a central data warehouse for daily reporting. Seamlessly integrated with the AFE component of TAM, the daily cost capture on projects easily reconciles against budgets and actuals from any accounting system.

The query and reporting capabilities embedded within TAM allow for easily-configured reports on demand. The customizable interface will fit the need of individual users in your project capture. Daily facility construction and maintenance tracking allows for a full-featured approach to operational activities.

Drilling & Wellwork Features Overview

  • Comprehensive daily reporting for drilling, completion, wellwork activities
  • Integrated daily costs capturing against AFE budgets
  • Remote location field capture capable
  • Depth vs days, cost vs depth, and other graphical reporting displays
  • Survey-in-survey calculations
  • Wellbore diagram capabilities
  • Integrates with rig schedule for drilling and completion
  • Easily configured for specific needs and requirements
  • Perforations tracking
  • Perforations tracking
  • Casing, casing details, and cementing
  • Tubing runs in history
  • Integrated view of actual vs budget vs estimated costs
  • Cost accrual capabilities
  • Comprehensive and configurable reporting capabilities
  • Facility/Site building & construction reporting capability
  • Drilling phase cost tracking
  • Drilling phase hour tracking
  • Importing of outside operated reports
Drilling and completion software interfaceDrilling and completion software interface

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