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Oil and gas afe software integration

Connecting Projects to Capital

The oil and gas industry is a capital-intensive venture requiring AFE construction, planning, budgeting, and approval cycles to effectively manage your project budgets, and capital budgets. That goes hand-in-hand with scheduling rigs and work crews. The Total Asset Manager™ AFE & Scheduler system is designed to streamline the construction of AFEs and all required approval processes, plus integrate with tasks and resources to help successfully complete each project. The ability to tie individual AFEs to capital project initiatives over any period of time makes this a powerful budgeting tool in a growing oil and gas effort.

Information at Your Fingertips

Total Asset Manager™ displays current projects and the status of each at a glance. The web-based platform is online and always available to add, edit, or review. The value of the data stored for look-back purposes is superior to collections of papers and binders. Schedule any resource for work to be done on any asset with tasks required for the activity leading to the same. Our experience has found that the best methods for utilizing real time scheduling of your rigs and tasks will lead your company to effectively draw wells in the hectic 24-hour schedule of drilling in multiple areas.

Integration Across All Applications

When final revisions are complete, reports comparing estimated costs from the field to the actual costs from ERP or accounting can be generated. This integration makes the reporting and Dashboards of actuals versus estimates versus budget in real-time possible. Total Asset Manager™ ties all your company assets together appropriately, working with all applications to effectively manage your oil and gas efforts.

Organizational Communication

Total Asset Manager™ Scheduler pulls all the relevant pre-drilling information together and organizes all the knowledge and data that needs to be shared between departments and with top executives. All participating departments summarize and enter their data into the software. This saves your oil and gas professionals time by facilitating inter-departmental communication without having to constantly meet to share spreadsheets and paper documents.

Coordination is Key

Total Asset Manager’s™ Scheduler is a powerful integrated component of the data warehouse. Having drilling rigs, completion rigs, frac crews, and work-over crews ready when you need them and working together on multiple sites uses your investments fully. The user-friendly interface and ability to see individual or composite rig schedules makes Total Asset Manager™ Scheduler a valuable tool for any gas company.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Prebuilt templates or create your own
  • Automated approval routing
  • Generates AFE document for routing
  • Capital budget tracking
  • Integrate with Scheduler
  • Import from accounting and field data capture systems for actual and estimated cost comparison
  • Send AFE to accounting system and field capture system
  • Compare estimates to actuals
  • Gross/net cost tracking
  • View and track documents
  • Dashboard display of AFE documents
  • AFE division of interest management
  • Approvals via mobile or desktop devices (phone, tablet, etc)
  • Customizable approval configuration
  • AFE performance monitoring and reporting
  • Work between participating departments
  • Customizeable project and task management
  • Coordinate your drilling rigs, completion rigs, frac crews
  • Set up alerting of project tasks
  • Graphical view of rig schedule
  • View multiple resources on a single schedule
  • Track individually or multiple resources
  • Track & schedule maintenance
  • Track critical steps throughout project schedule
  • Web-enabled rig schedule views

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