Data Process Evaluation

Within the life cycle of a well there are a multitude of activities, events, processes, and sub-processes that take place from the beginning stages of exploration to when a well is plugged and abandoned. Each phase sets in motion its own series of processes that affect all departments of a business enterprise. Because these activities are ultimately tied to the financial performance of your assets, they must all be integrated in order to reach maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Total Stream Systems will examine your business processes to identify and eliminate bottlenecks that slow your performance and aversely affect the performance of your assets. With our experienced staff of oil and gas professionals, we can help you create a framework for your business processes that is built on industry-wide best practices. This framework will allow you to automate workflows, eliminate errors and redundancies, remove or reduce manual activities, integrate business processes and applications, and create a lean-thinking operation.

Our team can help you reach your full potential in the following key operational areas, including:

  • Capital Budget Management
  • Production Optimization
  • Well Life Cycle Framework
  • Business Resource Management
  • Single Source Data Collection
  • Operational Systems


We recognize that your software solutions are a significant investment. Our staff includes experts from engineering, business, and IT backgrounds with years of first-hand experience in a variety of different oil and gas platforms. Making sure everything works together and integrates seamlessly is our passion. Our credentials equip us to give sound counsel as you select, implement, integrate, and expand your various software packages. Additionally, we’ll train your users in best practices that will allow them to get the most out of your existing applications.

We are familiar with a broad spectrum of products for the following industry applications:

  • Production
  • Drilling & Wellwork
  • Enterprise Upstream
  • ERP
  • Reservoir
  • Accounting
  • Land/Lease Administration


Employees are a business’s greatest asset. Ensuring that they are properly trained in the processes and tools of your operation will result in clean, timely, and accurate data to be harnessed across departments.

We offer a variety of tools to help our clients implement and use our software quicker and more efficiently. We utilize videos, documentation, webinars, and one-on-one training to make sure your employees fully comprehend the best practices for both our system and your operation.

Customized Reporting

Although our system comes with a multitude of reports pre-built into the system, we understand that each company has different reporting needs. Our experienced staff can write any SQL report you require, or help to train your staff in report-writing.

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