The Client

An oil and gas exploration and production company with properties primarily located in the Permian Basin and northern New Mexico, boasting assets of approximately 775 million barrels of oil-equivalent proved, probable, and possible reserves and another 2.5 billion barrels of oil-equivalent contingent resources.

The Problem

Several disparate source file types from varying electronic meters in a large gas field made management of the readings difficult to consolidate into a singular view of the production in the field. Additionally, existing market solutions were cost prohibitive on a well by well basis. Real time information as to well performance was difficult to obtain, and resulted in slow response time to compressor problems and well down time. Existing production conditions, such as line pressure, casing, tubing pressures, etc. were difficult to obtain. Multiple sources from each meter type in the field were required to come up with the information needed to react to field conditions. Pumpers and Field Managers had a difficult time viewing and prioritizing responses to wells and facilities, with information often being late or not available at all.

The Solution

We were engaged by the client to architect a SCADA alerting system that would bring in disparate sources of meter data and consolidate the information into a streamlined system for viewing well performance and alerting pumpers and field managers to critical issues on wells and compressors as they occurred. By configuring the ability to receive email or text alerts to cell phones when high/low tolerances were encountered on pressures, rates, or differentials, the pumpers and managers were able to react to the issues in priority of severity of the issue being encountered. By accumulating the information in an easily accessible web-driven interface, both field and office personnel could view performance dashboards and drill into details easily from any mobile device or laptop. The solution has been used effectively for over 5 years, thus reducing the cost of otherwise expensive solutions on the market.