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Executive Summary

Before Rockcliff Energy began operations, they knew operational information would be key to a successful company. In the past, their leadership had worked with multiple platforms for Drilling, Completion, AFE, Production and Profit/Loss reporting. They wanted to avoid the costs of integrating that information into a central data warehouse. They implemented the Total Asset Manager™ suite of products as their oil and gas software solution prior to making their first acquisition.

The Challenges

As CEO of Quantum Resources, Alan Smith realized the value of complete operational data to lead a company.  Leading a new team in a new venture, he wanted the following in place before they began: production information, complete reporting, AFE management, and drilling/completion.

A key consideration was the ability to have accurate data for multiple departments without repeating data entry. This included data from producing wells, managing costs from the field, and reporting to management, partners, and government.

Rockcliff Energy wanted a software solution that could manage all of this, and be tailored to fit varying scenarios of production and drilling/completion.

The Solution

In December of 2015, Rockcliff Energy prepared to begin operations by meeting with the Total Stream Systems team and designing their strategy for managing AFE, production and drilling. With their first acquisition in February of 2016, they were up and running within 6 weeks.  Total Stream Systems was able to extract the necessary information from Field Direct and import the well head information along with tanks, meters and facilities.

“We have obtained greater utilization in each area, at a fraction of the cost by reducing license costs against a single application environment that is integrated from the start.”
Nick Koch, Vice President - Operations

Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans

According to Alan Smith, “Your leadership and the team you have built have real engineering and operating experience which is so crucial in building a product that captures all the right information, but more importantly, Total Stream understands how that information gets utilized by engineers and technicians to make capital and expense decisions. This is reflected in how/where data is captured and how it gets presented to the end user. We have been very pleased with the latest version of Total Asset Manager™ and are utilizing it on our first acquisition in the Delaware basin. I am told that it is capturing the data we need to capture and we can get the information we need out of the system to run our business. So, we are off to a great start and look forward to utilizing the Total Stream platform as we significantly grow and put the remainder of our private equity to work over the next 2-4 years. “

He went on to say, “I would also like to add that your price point for such a robust product is a huge selling point for small start-ups and companies that are very cost conscious regarding buying systems to run their business. This was important to us and I think it differentiated Total Stream Systems from the other products we considered.”