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Yes. We can provide you with a complete, all-in-one software system, or supplement and integrate with your existing applications from other providers. Total Asset Manager™ is designed to give you a complete operational overview, so you can access all of your data from a singe interface.

We can host our system for you on our secure servers (Software as a Service), or install it on your own site. And regardless of your implementation type, we have a staff of IT and engineering experts at your disposal.

Our support is available in multiple ways. It is available to all customers who are in an active lease or rental contract, and also to any customers who purchased the product(s) and have a maintenance contract. We provide IT support to all of the clients we host, and occasionally, to those clients who have installed the product on their own servers. Product support is provided to all customers.

Depending on what is being exported or imported, scripted jobs are created and managed through our “Job Manager.” The Job Manager handles the timing of the exports and any other requirements therein. We have integrated to most current accounting systems on the market for operations today.

Yes. Most formats are already configured. If a particular import requires additional import code, we work with the hardware providers to import that data.

Yes. Total Stream Systems does not sell SCADA hardware. We tie into most SCADA hardware available and import their transmissions as often as required by the operator.

The gauge sheet and drilling field module can capture information remotely without an internet connection, then submit the daily information to the main system for synchronization once an internet connection is available. The internet is a requirement to access the main system.

Any device that can use Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher can access the software. Any device that can host Microsoft Excel can be utilized by pumpers for the gauge sheet.

Dashboards can be built on any numerically-oriented values generated by any query of the system. Our dashboard engine will also tie into other data sources and produce dashboards as well. Dashboards focused on Drilling Metrics, AFE / Capital Budget Metrics, Production Metrics, and Profit / Loss Metrics are built into the product on delivery. Users with query skills are able to build their own dashboards directly through the interface. Total Stream Systems is continually adding new views to our base product throughout the year.

Our product is very user friendly. After some basic training, users are able to utilize the features most needed by them. The web access to the products also makes accessibility very easy from most devices.

Additionally, pumpers love the gauge sheet because it looks and feels like a “Grease Sheet” and is in Excel. This allows them to enter data remotely and simply submit their completed and saved sheet each day at the end of their run, and always see the history of their well throughout the month.

Yes, we can export any data that is stored in Total Asset Manager™ in many different formats.  We have an “Export” tool for ad hoc exports, and we have a built-in automation tool for configuring exports that are needed at given intervals.

Yes, we import historical data where ever possible. The effort to import that data will be directly related to the format and condition of that data. Good data in will equate to good data out.

Yes, we provide training that is customized to the company. We also provide occasional topical webinars to our clients.

An administrator can add any number of users, and permissions are set by an administrator for each user by assigning them a “role.” Those with permissions to access the product will only have access to the features that are permitted by their role via the read/write permissions. These permissions are defined in the Tools/Users section of the product from the main interface.

Cost is tiered system based on your well count. Our price will remain unchanged until your company surpasses the well count threshold, and enters into a new tier. Our costs does not change based on number of users.

No. We believe that when you purchase an enterprise software solution, it needs to be available company wide, utilized by whomever you need. Our price structure does not fluctuate with the number of users.