The Client

An E&P company based out of Houston, actively drilling, with about 800 wells. This client was using a third-party production system, which we were able to host, customize, and train them in.

The Problem

The method of data collection was inconsistent, and involved pumpers handing in daily production values to office staff on scratch notes. This resulted in illegible and late submissions of production, and often caused errors in daily production, meter readings, tank inventories, ect. The misread information lead to inaccurate decision making and record tracking.

The Solution

Our solution was to give the pumpers our Excel-based gauge sheets, in which pumpers themselves were able to enter the daily production, meter volumes, and tank inventories and submit them daily. This prevented errors that were common with manual entries by virtue of: locked columns for data that should not be editable, dropdown-selectable items where appropriate to create consistent reporting (e.g. downtime and others), and highlighted cells that call attention to mis-entered or missing data. Additionally, the ability for pumpers be able to easily edit and import data directly into the data warehouse eliminated much of the guess work that had been happening when entries were made by office staff. They were also able to deliver the production information without having to go to the office or scan their documents. It was as simple as sending an email.

The gauge system allowed for much more accurate data entry, as well as tracking when changes were made to data with a name and time stamp each time the gauge sheet was submitted for import. It also allowed for data to be updated daily rather than whenever the pumpers were able to make it back to the office (if they remembered to bring their scratch notes with them!).