The Thing About Integration…

The downturn in oil and gas is the worst in 30 years, and oil companies are pressured to be more focused in every [...]

Oil & Gas Delivery Diagrams and Measurements

Your operation may utilize delivery system diagrams to varying degrees, if at all.  We here at Total Stream Systems are big advocates of creating and [...]

The Anatomy of a Process

Whether an oil and gas company realizes it or not, their ability to grow efficiently is directly related their processes. And further, their processes are [...]

Cut Costs & Increase Production (Creating a Well Life Cycle Framework)

When Oil Prices are high ($90 and above), the activity conducted on wells is priority above efficiency, or overall effectiveness. But when prices come falling [...]

Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Allocation

As attentions are turned by prices in the oil and gas industry, the value of fundamental management techniques—such as proper allocations that blend both daily [...]

Small Oil and Gas Companies Need Data Management Strategies

Many small oil and gas companies (fewer than 500 wells) struggle along with little or no strategy to the manage the multiple points of data [...]

Oil and Gas Acquisitions: Mitigating Obstacles in Operations Data

Data is foundational for improving upon the baseline of acquired assets. Many times the organization of data, and subsequent intelligence gained from that data, plays [...]

Oil and Gas Software Implementation: Guidelines for Success

Oil and gas software implementation has key dependencies that directly affect the cost (time, effort and resource) required to move from one system to another. [...]

Exploiting Your Oil and Gas Production System

With any objective, anticipation of events makes reaction to those events better. This is no different with production from oil and gas wells and facilities. [...]

Critical Points of Oil and Gas Data Integration

In any business, oil and gas operations included, stakeholders and contributors alike are impacted by the flow of information. Visual access to information needs to [...]