Total Asset Manager Integrated Systems

What Makes Total Asset Manager™ Different?

Total Asset Manager™ (TAM) is the only oil and gas software solution to be built with a data integration engine at its core. This differs from virtually every other oil and gas software platform where integration is attempted as an afterthought with pre-existing modules (often because they were acquired from third party developers). With TAM, our integration engine is the foundation, and all modules are developed with that engine at their core. This was done with the intent of complete operational visibility and compatibility.

What this means to you is that all of our modules work together. And because of the integration engine, we can also import and export to forecasting software, accounting software, and more with single entries in our database. It is not uncommon for E&P companies spend upwards of 6 figures simply trying to integrate multiple oil and gas software systems for comprehensive analytics and reporting. This doesn’t even account for investments in their various software licenses. Total Asset Manager™ is a single license and solves the integration issues.

Companies that have already invested in oil and gas software solutions can enhance their system by utilizing Total Asset Manager™’s core integration, adding only the applications they lack.

Oil and gas software applications integration

How is Total Asset Manager™ Implemented?

Regardless of the size of your operation, Total Stream has a solution that is customized to your needs. We can provide you with a complete, all-in-one oil and gas software system, or supplement and integrate with your existing applications from other providers. We can host our system for you on our secure servers, or install it on your own site. And regardless of your needs, we have a staff of IT and engineering experts at your disposal.

Hosted SaaS Oil and Gas Software


Designed to enable smaller operators to utilize all of the technology that bigger operators have, while we support those companies with IT staff, licensing and state of the art hardware to save them additional costs.

Installed Locally Oil and Gas Software


Purchase or lease any combination of products to be installed on your own servers. Leases include maintenance and version upgrades. Each product named may be leased separately.

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